Wet room coverings

The most common material

Wet room carpets is the most used material in our Nordic wet room spaces.
It’s of great importance to hire artisans who are GVK authorized, which Nybro Golv are. We have well educated floor layers with great experience and knowledge on the subject.

We always visit you before we start the renovation, to see you construction with our own eyes, and to prep in the best possible way.
We make sure the under layer on both floors and walls is in best possible condition to put out a plastic mat without showing and unevenness’s.
Usually you have to start with putty and grind joints on walls. Sometimes we also use putty on floors. This we perform with quality products from Ardex. When we’ve reached a smooth result we start to put in the floor carpet.
When it’s time for the wall carpet we use a tool called a wall cart. With help from the wall cart we sweep the carpet (and the board) around the whole space and in this way we avoid one single joint on the wall.
The board is always places at the top of the wall, and is necessary since the wall carpet in itself is only 2 meters wide. Normal height in a bathroom is 2,4 meters.
If you want one wall with a different carpet you will get a joint. In this case the joint can only be placed in a corner and never in a shower corner.