Wet room carpets

Practical and hygienic.

Wet room carpets are practical, hygienic and affordable, and they’re a perfect alternative if you don’t want tile or clinker. We keep a full range of the wet room carpets from Tarkett, almost 70 floors, walls and borders. We also sell Forbo, with just as many variables.
In our store you can pick between 200 different wet room carpets, to find your very own combination.

During the years, wet room carpets went from the old one color carpets, to new gorgeous design carpets with many different patterns and colors to choose from.

In our store we present selected floor- and wall carpets nicely put up together with bathroom interior such as shower enclosures, to give you a full view of the look and function. We also show all our carpets in smart stands so that you will easily find what you like best.

Some technical information about floor and wall plastics.

Patterns and colors match walls from each deliverer and collection.
Width: 2,0 m. Thickness: 1,5 – 2,0 mm

Patterns can be put both horizontally and vertically.
Horizontal hanging is the most common, because you sweep the carpet around to avoid joints.
Width: 2,0 m. Thickness: 0,9 mm

Borders cover the space between wall and ceiling at horizontal hanging.
A border can also be used as decoration.
Width: 49 cm. Thickness: 0,9 mm.

All the products from our suppliers are approved by the GVK industry regulations.
We are certified by GVK and we mount according to the GVK standard for wet rooms.