Vinyl (Plastic Carpets)

Durable and easy to clean.

Vinyld are easy to clean, durable, comfortable to stand and walk on, joint free and there are many patterns and colors to choose from. Usually they work in any space, and above all the prices are very reasonable.
Vinyls are varied in widths of 2, 3 and 4 meters, depending on supplier and collection. If you pick a mat that’s wide enough you won’t have to splice the floor. If you would get a splice you can fixate it with double-sided carpet tape. Besides, the splice needs to be welded with a special kind of welding which is a see-trough almost invisible thing. Plastic mats, also called vinyl mats, come with both textile backside as well as the more common PVC backside.

Vinyl floors with textile backside is somewhat softer and more quiet than other vinyl floors, but still they are just as easy to clean and just as durable as the ones with the PVC backside. Plastic mats with textile backside can be put in all dry spaces, and spaces with concrete underlay, like basements. The textile back allows the mat to breathe and makes it heat-reflective and heat insulating.

Usually when you lay out a vinyl floor with textile backside, you don’t have to rip out the existing floor for technical reasons. The textile back smoothes any unevenness’s in the under floor.

Plastic mats with the PVC backside is glued to the floor, the textile back mats mostly doesn’t have to be glued. Sometimes you “help” the mat with double-sided carpet tape.

“A vinylfloor is the most durable and easy cleaned floor there is.”
- Mikael Engdahl, Nybro Golv AB

We have a wide range of plastic flooring, with a full range from Tarkett, Forbo and Geflor!
Tarkett has a wide range with versatile collections such as the classic Tarkett Extra and Tarkett Comfort.
For the daredevils there’s Tarkett Urban Graphic which contains cool patterns and colors. Tarkett also offers Tarkett Texstyle – a collection with a textile backside.
During spring 2010 “Floor in a box” is introduced. It’s a smaller format that you practically put on the floor like wallpaper, in pieces you measure up yourself. This adhesive vinyl carpet comes in handy boxes with handles. Easy to put in the shopping cart, in the trunk and take home.

Forbo offers their well proven Novilon carpets. The carpet comes in 2, 3 and 4 meter width and you can easily lay it yourself with a minimum of splices. Every carpet in the Novilon-collection is provided with the unique surface Diamond SealTM, that protects the floor against stains and makes it easy to keep clean.

Forbos plastic mats are available in three different collections – Novilon Scandinavia, Novilon Fusion and Novilon Piso.

Novilon Scandinavia offers 38 different carpets and patterns. There are floors with a natural look of wood or stone, metallic structures but also classis squares and blossoming alternatives. They all have the special Novilon minting – a structure not only visible, but sensible to hands and feet.

Novilon Fusion is a collection of vinyl floors with a cool industrial feeling. The collection offers 15 different patterns in concrete, crocco, nature, tree, slate, stone and metal. The carpets gives a rustic, raw expression that softens with well-matched colors-

The modern collection Novilon Piso is a new, trendy collection of vinyl floors. The series contains eleven exciting patterns, a mixture of innovative and classic design that fits wherever you want.

The Geflor collections Texline and HQR both have a unique textile backside where more than 95% av the back is made out of recycled materials.

Texline is a series of carpets with many lifelike patterns and colors that works best in the home environment, while the HQR series is a copy of the Texline looks and design but with a stronger wear layer, adjusted to stay durable in public places such as stores, hair salons and restaurants.

Up to 35 square meter of Texline, or 50 square meter of HQR you don’t need any glue. Bigger spaces than that is recommended to glue fully.