Tile and clinker

Your imagination sets the limit

When it comes to tile and clinker there are no boundaries to what you can do. Only the imagination puts a hold to your bathroom, kitchen etc.

We have a full range of Konradssons Kakel, with a total of eight display stands in the store. We have the possibility to quickly order home exactly what you want!

We can also order home tile from Höganäs, if that is desired.

We also have extensive self-imports of tiles and clinkers from Italy and France. Because of our self-import, in cooperation with Supergres and Novoceram, we can cut out the middle hand. We order our tiles and clinkers directly from the factories, which mean that you customers can buy high quality tile and clinker, to more reasonable prices.

We have about 80 pallets of tile and clinker from Supergres and Novoceram in stock, to make the delivering time as good as possible! If we would not have the specific type you want, we can order it home. Normally it takes about ten days, shipping from Italy.

To lay clinker and tile is a big investment that’s supposed to last for a very long time. If you let both reason and sense desides, you will be happy today AND tomorrow. In our shop you can look at several displays with ceramics from these suppliers. Pop in and we’ll take a closer look at it.