Textile Carpets

Sound abosobing and relaxing

Textile carpets are back in business!  We welcome back the big shot of the 70’s and 80’s. Although a lot has happened since then. The production of carpets has developed and the product in itself is a lot more durable than back in the days, also a lot easier to clean and above all warm and comfortable to walk on. And if that’s not enough, you also save energy by easier keeping the heat in the room.

A textile carpet easily creates a soundproof and relaxing environment in your home.

There are many different textile floors:

Tufted carpets: The most common, most economical with almost infinite possibilities.
Woven carpets: A traditional method that brings a clean design and a very durable carpet.
Shaggy carpets: Shaggy or shag finn in different varieties. Long haired, short haired, thick, luxurious.
Wool carpets: 100% wool with the real feeling. Only natural materials.
Needle felt carpet: Economical, functional and durable. A carpet that fits in the most environments.
Carpet tiles: Tufted carpet cut in tiles that are easily replaceable. Perfect for the restaurant for example.

Tailored mats: All our suppliers can offer a carpet with edge stitched edges. This allows you to design your own carpet to put under the living room table, the bedroom and wherever you want it.

Own design: There is a possibility to design your very own carpet with color and patterns. The minimum quantity is 100 m2.

We offer a full range of carpets from EGE Carpets, Kjellbergs and Golvabia