Showers & Bathtubs

A wide range of high quality products.

We have a wide range of shower enclosures, shower cabins, shower kits and bathtubs with or without bubbles. We’re marketing the full range of quality products from Duschbyggarna, Sanka, Victory Spa and Westerbergs.

Duschbyggarna offers amongst others an affordable, unique series – Corny.
The series contains ten different basic sets, with big variation possibilities. Every set contains a shower corner, shower head and thermostatic mixer. You choose from different sizes and models to fit your bathroom. Pick between for example clear glass, tinted glass, frosted glass or modern patterns such as “Rings” and “Chess”.

Sanka – the shower gigant from Finland.
We can offer a full range of Sanka models, often seen at cruise ships and hotels around the world. The products are timeless, classy and very functional. Sankas shower enclosures is a durable and environment friendly option.
You can choose from shower corners in different designs of safety glass such as clear glass, frosted glass, chinchilla, smoke and bronze. For some of the products, for example the straight models, you can pick a polarized disc instead of glass. They also have shower cabins.

The word “Spa” is originally a shortening of the Latin expression “salus per aqua” wich means “health through water”. A saying that Victory Spa and Westerbergs has taken up.
Victory Spa offers luxury whirlpools in many different shapes and sizes, with a number of different massage systems.
Westerbergs offers both massage bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs, for example the classic, romantic bathtub with lion paws.
And that’s not enough, Westerbergs also gives us the opportunity to take a bath in modern shapes with the bathtubs “Deep” and “Purl”.

Together with DuoBad and Recor, we have the pleasure to present a unique series of exclusive cast iron bathtubs.