Marmoleum Click

Marmoleum Click is a high quality floor system that is easy to lay out and made out of natural materials. The floor consists of linoleum supported on wood boards (HDF) that gives strength and stability. Underneath is a soundproofing cork sheet. The floors are available in many different colors and are ideal for kitchen, hallway, play- and workrooms.

Marmoleum Click comes in plates by 30x30 cm and panels by 90x30 in 9.80 mm thick. The patented click system gives a guaranteed simple and problem free solution, and works best in dry environments. Marmoleum Click provides an even surface and works with floor heating that doesn’t exceed 27 degrees celcius.
Marmoleum Click is a swan marked (environment friendly) product from Forbo.

Squares 7 plates/pack = 0,63 m2
Panels 7 panels/pack = 1,89 m2

Important! Yellow tones go away
Just made Marmoleum plates can have a yellow tint because the plates are made out of natural materials. This tint will disappear after a short time in daylight, and the plates will then get its real color.