Laminate is a floor imitation of mostly wood or stone.

Laminate consists of three layers:
*The surface is made out of plastic laminate, which consists of a wear layer, a surface that protects the underlying decoration/imitation. The standard thickness varies between 0,3 mm to 1,2 mm.
* The core consists of HDF (high density fiber) and this is the wearer of the floor.
* The back is an impregnated balance layer, to give the floor stability and to keep the shape, and to some part protect against moisture.

Laminate is a floor that’s hard and easy to take care of!

We offer laminate floors from Tarkett, absolute high quality. The Tarkett laminatefloors have easily laid joints (T-lock and 2-lock) and they are totally glue free.

Its quick and easy to fix, the joints are also protected with the coating Tech3S, or MRTech that gives the joints extra protection from moisture.

For now we keep a full range of Tarkett, with 39 different colors and patterns. Twelve of these have the soundproofing backside – SoundLogic. With SoundLogic you don’t need any underlay such as floor paper or ariola.