Hardwood floors 

Since 1975 we’ve had a strong and faithful cooperation with one of Sweden’s biggest and oldest supplier of hardwood floors – Kährs. Today we have one of Sweden’s biggest displays of Kährs quality products, where you can look and feel all the hardwood floors from Kährs, such as the 7mm Linnea, 10 mm Spirit and 15mm Kährs Original lamella parquet.

A lamella floor construction means the raw material is used in an efficient way. Kährs only produce hardwood floors, and wood is the only renewable floor material.
With todays Woodloc and the new 5S-joint, it’s very easy to work with hardwood floors from Kährs. All their floors are off course glue free and you can use almost all the hardwood floors with floor heating.

We think that a hardwood floor is the foundation of the room, and more than just a floor. The floor is our most used furniture. When you’re going to choose a floor there are many things to consider – color, surface treatment, texture, pattern, hardness, light or dark.
In the end your ideas and the look of the floor should go hand in hand, and we can help you achieve that. We have long experience and really good knowledge of hardwood floors and the different surface treatments and behavior. We help you with tips and advice when you need a new floor.
Check out the Kährs smooth tool for picking a hardwood floor:
Kährs virtual showroom and floor guide.