Hard wood floors

A living material

There are a lot of things to think about when you want to out in a new hard wood floor.
You have to check the flatness of the subfloor. If there are unevenness’s bigger than 3 mm over 2 meters, you have to start by evening out the subfloor. How you do that depends on the under layer. Sometimes you can use putty and sometimes you put out a new chipboard. We can help you with tips and advice about what works best in your construction.

If you have a subfloor made by fresh newly cast concrete, concrete, concrete floor directly on ground, crawl space or floor with floor heating system (cannot exceed 27 degrees Celsius) you have to put out Kährs Tuplex before the hard wood floor. Kährs Tuplex is a combination of age-resistant polyethylene film and paperboard that works both as moisture protection and sound proofer.
When it’s time to put in your new hard wood floor you have to consider that hard wood floor is made by living material and it moves. Therefore if you have a elongated room you always put the floor longitudinal in the room.
The floor moves with various humidity, therefore a expansion at 10 mm by walls and stairs, pillars etc is recommended.
The easiest way to put out a hard wood floor is to start in a corner and put the boards panels facing the room. You put one at a time, and the last piece that you cut away in row number one is your starter board in row number two. Just remember the end joints of the boards is recommended to be shifted by 500 mm. When you’ve put out about three rows you can adjust the distance between the floor and the wall using wall perimeters, and then you just continue.
Sounds tricky? Or do you wish not having to think about everything? Then we are more than willing to help with tips and advice, and we can off course help you to mount your new floor!
We keep a full range from Kährs and our skilled interior design consultants and carpenters can help you.