Bathroom interior

Bathroom interior – that little extra in your bathroom.

We have the pleasure to offer an entire range of products from Ballingslöv and DuoBad.

Ballingslövs products are described in connection with rustic materials and clever functions. When you buy bathroom furniture from Ballingslöv you get frames that matches the color and woods for the hatch you picked, instead of a frame that is grey or white on the inside.
With Ballingslöv we can find a number of fine collections for every taste.

Astrolux: A classy series with integrated basin and a lot of space for storage.
Compact: A compact series suitable for the small bathroom. Square details and lines.
Plain: A simple and timeless series with generous size of basin despite the smaller depth of the frame.
Space: A classic big seller with many combinations and storage possibilities.
Vision: A modern series for someone who dares to try something special.
Studio Ballingslöv: A trendy and innovative design, made by Jonas Lindvall.

Usually the series come in many different door models, woods, colors, cabinet variants, interiors and details.

Together with DuoBad from the small community of Alsterbro, we can offer a number of exclusive series of bathroom interior in solid wood.

Vilan: A series of wall hung furniture with clean lines. Vilan is available in glossy white, oiled oak och wenge. Vilan has optimal combination possibilities for both small and big bathrooms. Vilan contains amongst others classic basins from Villeroy & Boch, or a stone slab with wash bowl and rib rack.

Sekel: With its design this series goes through many centuries. The series fits both in an old fashioned villa as well as in a new built modern house. Its available in the colors cognac, birch and white. The series offers many different combinations of washstands and mirror cabinets.

Tiden: The tiden series is made of massiv oak, except from mirror filling in drawer fronts, and doors consisting of oak veneer or frosted glass. Tiden is available in oiled oak and wenge staining and associated basin in white china from Villeroy & Boch. In this series are many clever storage solutions as for example a full figure mirror cabinet of the beautiful pilaster shelf.

Garbo: A new modern series from DuoBad, designed by Johanna Strand. This series is full of a feeling of timeless elegance in combination with high quality and function. The inside has an exclusive interior where you can store the most private. Garbo is a soft but funky series that really pops out.

DuoBad also offers a unique cooperation with the glass giant Kosta Boda. A cooperation resulting in a collection of art tiles and basins.
The Lagoon basins are designed by the glass artist Kjell Engman and are available in two designs. Every basin are individual, and with its air bubbles inside, it gives a pleasant sensation of water. You can also pick a colorful fish sitting inside the massive glass basin. The fish in itself is a work of art and handmade.  The basins can be equipped with lighting.
The art tiles from Kosta Boda is available in a number of different artistic designs. You can take a closer look at them in our pictures, under “Konstkakel från Kosta Boda”.